5-yr-old is about to be adopted by new family, gets sweetest unexpected show

Since she was a little baby, 5-year-old Danielle was taken care of by a loving foster family and now had come the time to finalize the adoption.

What was already a special and important day for Danielle and her foster family turned out to be even more unforgettable – all thanks to a surprise idea by her foster care case manager.

It was clearly a symbolic and emotional day, but an adoption hearing is pretty much just a day of legalities and paper signing signing in a courtroom – not exactly a 5-year-old’s idea of fun.

To make it a more entertaining and memorable day for the 5-year-old, the foster care manager had previously spread the word about Danielle’s love for princesses to everyone involved in the hearing.

The family was sitting and waiting patiently in the courtroom, when suddenly the judge reveals herself… and she’s dressed as Snow White. The look on the little girl’s face is priceless.


The judge begins by explaining that this is not just any other adoption hearing – it’s actually a ‘princess hearing.’

Danielle’s foster care manager stands up and announces that she’s also asked a few of her friends to join them. Suddenly a group of her co-workers appear, dressed up as different fairy tale princesses. Danielle is understandably overjoyed!

And that’s not all – when the time comes to finalize the adoption, Danielle gets to sit next to ‘judge Snow White’ and be the one that hits the gavel. Talk about an exciting hearing she’ll never forget.


Watch all of it unfold in the video below:

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