Young Boy Suffers Extreme Burns In Explosion, He Needs Jesus’s Healing

A young woman in Massachusetts, is trying to help a little boy who is traveling to Boston to try to get the treatment he could not receive in Russia. The child suffered terrible burns after an accidental explosion, and his face and legs have been covered in scars. He needs your prayers. Read his story below:

“As some of you already know I’ve taken on (with help of you guys) to try and help Joseph. I didn’t know this boy when I first met him but he touched my soul. The goal is to be here and help him get better and live a normal life. Joseph had his first laser surgery treatment in November 2016). He will have surgeries, lasers and/or skin grafts every 3-4 weeks. During those times he will be traveling back and forth to Boston for checkups and therapies. He is slowly making progress; however, the recovery time will be longer than expected. (Atleast 8-12 months)

“So I originally met him last fall when he was 11 through my brother who goes to his church in Russia. My brother told me the story about Joseph’s and it touched my heart. I never knew this boy but when I heard what happened to him and that he was not getting any kind of help it really bothered me. Hearing this story I felt God wanted me to do something to help this boy.  You see this boy almost became blind after a diesel gas tank exploded and went all over him. Burning and destroying his face, partial burns of his ear and head, alongside that he has severe burns on his stomach and inner thighs.”

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